Friday, March 25, 2011

So In Love With - Chamilia - Custom Jewelry


                                    About Chamilia 

        I first stumbled on Chamilia in Louisville KY, when an friend and I were browsing for gifts. We walked into one of their licensed retailers by chance and noticed the beads. I am a huge fan of Swarovski Crystals and anything that has anything to do with them! So you can all guess what I was drawn to first! but what I found was an absolutely ingenious company!  For Chamilia, the principle is simple: design is different here, as the lady behind the counter so proudly stated... and indeed it is! 

         The company was founded in 2002 by Killian Rieder and Jeff Julkowski on the premise of putting design into the hands of the customer. Killian, a former designer with fashion icon Polo, wanted this brand to be personalized to allow women to change and customize it to fit the mood, moment or occasion, like a chameleon that changes in its environment.

They launched Chamilia with a line of handcrafted beads of Italian Murano glass, colored stones, 14k gold and sterling silver that pair with beautifully designed companion bracelets, bangles and necklaces. The result is a fresh, contemporary twist on the richly remembered charm bracelet.

Today, Chamilia is fast becoming the “it” brand in the rapidly growing customized jewelry category. The company has a growing collection of 600+ beads and a successful Disney® partnership with an exclusive collection of authentic Disney beads not available anywhere else!

Chamilia supports communities and causes across the globe by introducing limited edition beads and donating a portion of the proceeds to support causes like Breast Cancer, Autism and world peace programs.

For those of you who are wondering! Yes, we did end up buying a beautiful bracelet for the lucky lady!

                                                                                                                          ~ S

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